Arm Yourself for Success in the Communication Age.

Technological mastery is no longer enough.

Today’s leaders must understand human behavior inside and out.

The Human Behavior Conference (HuBe) was created by the pioneers of the social engineering field as a three-day intensive program that brings together the greatest minds in communication, influence, and social psychology. Each expert has agreed to share what they know with an enthusiastic and engaged cohort of participants.

The Trainers of HuBe

The Human Behavior Conference brings together the greatest thinkers, authors, researchers and trainers in the fields of communication, influence, and social psychology for three jam-packed days.

Persuasion. Sales. Negotiation. Self-Defense. Self-Advocacy.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to influence others
  • How scam artists and con men fool you (and how to defend yourself)
  • How body language can feed your “hunch” about someone
  • How to analyze your own verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • How trust and rapport can help you sell products, fend off a toddler’s meltdown, and everything in between