SEVillage, LLC

SEVillage, LLC was built on the foundation security researcher, author, and professional human hacker Christopher Hadnagy laid more than a decade ago with the educational resource and the cybersecurity service Social-Engineer, LLC to establish and formalize social engineering. After years of educating alongside cybersecurity’s largest events, SEVillage was excited to host its inaugural training conference, The Human Behavior Conference in 2020.

Social-Engineer, LLC

Social-Engineer, LLC is a premier information security consulting and training company, founded by Christopher Hadnagy in 2003. Social-Engineer specializes in the art and science of social engineering. Therefore, we focus on human based social engineering attacks; instead of technical security penetration testing. With this in mind, we provide education so that organizations can take action that will lead to protection. provides free resources and education about social engineering. In 2009, they created the world’s first Social Engineering Framework and in 2018, they developed the Social Engineering Code of Ethics, which is now being used by private and government entities worldwide.